Interested in Jovino's "Brazilian Choros" course?

If you’ve worked through, or considered, Jovino’s “Brazilian Choros” course, I just came across a couple of lectures that I highly recommend. They’re lively and well-done. Even if you haven’t thought about it, at least give the first lecture a listen. It might pique your interest. It covers the history of the genre which is a foundation for samba and bossa nova. The second lecture is about how to play choro.

These are given by Henrique Eisenmann, a pianist and composer living in New York City. He is a professor of music at CUNY and faculty at the New England Conservatory. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Hermeto Pascoal–a figurehead of contemporary Brazilian music with whom Jovino has very close ties.

Give it a listen, and enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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