Integrating Online and Conventional Lessons

Hi Hayden and community,

I’ve been taking conventional lessons weekly for about 5 years now and just started with Piano Groove a couple of months ago. In my last weeks lesson with my instructor/coach we went over your transcription of Georgia. It was an extremely productive lesson. I’d had the benefit of your video instruction and my instructor could coach me on the rhythm and technique to get the piece mastered.

Which got me to thinking about the possible synergies between on-line and conventional instruction. The concept has been successfully applied in math via Khan Academy where classroom instruction is integrated into the online program. I was wondering whether a similar level of synergy could be created with instruction in music.

I was wondering if you or any of your other students have had any ideas, thoughts, or even epiphanies on the matter.

Best, Lee Ashby, Los Angeles CA

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I love this Pianogroove program and I have subscribed in the past to several other online jazz instructors each terrific, but not quite right for me.
Many options out there. We are blessed.

Hi Lee,

Interesting point. Thanks for sharing this and it’s great to hear the “Georgia” transcription has been useful with your private teacher :slight_smile:

Regarding online and offline synergies:

The next big investment for PianoGroove will be an iOs/Android app, allowing students to watch tutorials whilst offline. I’d love to develop the idea further with exactly this kind of stuff.

I have a vision to deliver an online program into schools and colleges but I hadn’t thought into the concept of PianoGroove being used as a complementary tool for private music tuition. It’s a nice idea and I’m sure there are synergies there.

I’ve just looked over Khan Academy’s classroom integration and I’ll check that out further.

I think the most benefit would be for schools or colleges who don’t have a dedicated music department or faculty. PianoGroove could then be used to deliver a cost effective, extensive music theory syllabus.

Keep me posted with any other ideas on this and I’ll have a good think about it.

Great to hear that Lori :slight_smile:

Pianogroove is different and unique In one area. I really appreciate how clearly Hayden communicates each tutorial clearly. It’s not just what chords to use, but why and where to use them.
One thing I noticed lately is his musicianship is improving - a big plus for us🎶
Thank you


Yes that’s exactly it Del… I always try to break down the logic and reasoning behind chord choices so that the student can experiment… much is learnt in the process of discovery! :slight_smile:

It’s funny, the beginner tutorials, such as major scales, triads, 7th chords etc… were some of the hardest ones to plan and to teach. It’s sometimes very difficult to beak down the intricacies of a concept that you are very familiar with. It’s easy to overlook the ‘sticking points’ for someone learning a new topic/area of jazz piano.

I’m very excited to get more tutors on board in the New Year. My aim is to communicate to the tutor exactly what you are outlining:

  • Be conscious of the lesson pacing
  • Explain why specific devices are used
  • Demonstrate how to apply it to your playing

It will be a fun process and I’ll keep everyone updated on any developments. I’m aiming for late Jan/Early Feb time as an estimate.

Thanks very much Del…

I’ve been trying to make the arrangements more challenging and so that’s a lovely comment to hear :slight_smile: