Improvisation Course by Jovino - Improvising With Triads

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We have just launched our latest Brazilian course by Jovino:

Here’s the full course:

@LoriNelson, @anon84688975, @martin1503856, @andrew3 - i know you gals/guys will be interested in this one.

Course Info

In this course we explore improvisation using triads as the principle source of melodic development. This concept was taught to Jovino by his mentor Hermeto Pascoal.

The course contains 4 theory lessons:

And 6 Brazilian tunes where the concepts are applied:

Jovino selected these tunes for their simple forms which makes them great tunes to apply the triad improvisation concepts - for all levels and abilities.

A Non-Hierarchal Approach To Improvisation

Hermeto’s intuitive approach to using triads is non-hierarchical, meaning that no triad played over a particular root note is more important than another.

This not only gives us an opportunity to express many different colours over a particular harmony but also allows us explore playing outside the harmony using triads as a strong melodic structure.

Upcoming Session with Jovino:

If anyone has any requests for songs or lesson topics let me know and I will suggest them to Jovino for inclusion in our upcoming session.

Thanks @martin1503856 for recommending “Menina Ilza” by Hermeto Pascoal - I will pass this suggestion onto Jovino for our recording session next month.


Looks wonderful - super-excited to try this!

FYI, if anyone’s interested in finding out more about Hermeto Pascoal’s music and his unique approach to harmony, Richard Boukas has a YouTube lecture series that can be accessed from this page:



Fantastic course Thanks so much Jovino and Hayden !!!

Awesome… glad you enjoyed it Pierre :+1: