How to use the midi file

Hi Hayden,

I am playing a ‘traditional’ piano and would like to use the midi file. Which app for the iPad are you recommending? I have tried to connect with VCL Player but the file does not appear.

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I used Garageband before I bought Logic Pro.

Adam Powell

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Hi Anja :wave:

It really depends what you want to do with the MIDI file.

If you want to watch the MIDI file play on a piano, speed up/slow down, loop, change the key-pitch, or see the chord symbols and notations, Midiculous could be a good choice. This is the program that we use to create the light up keyboard in our lessons.

I’m not sure that it works on iPad but it works very well on laptop/desktop, you can download the player for free here:

Otherwise I use Logic for creating MIDI files and exporting them as audio with different piano sounds. It all depends what you are looking to do.

I hope that helps Anja and happy to help further if you need.


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