How To Play Like Red Garland

Bye Bye Blackbird Jose Transcription.pdf (119.1 KB)

Hey @Tuomo, attached is the assigned Bye Bye Blackbird transcription. I’ve had this in my computer for the longest time and didn’t upload sooner since there were some minor tweaks I had to do before doing so. Also, I barely use my computer and it’s super slow so it’s kind of a chore to try to do anything in it lol.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated! :grin:

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looks great! I hope you learned from this transcription, let me know if you have any follow-up questions about the solo, or the analysis Bye Bye Blackbird Analysis.pdf (159.4 KB)


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@jose2 - you might like to check out the below blog post on Red Garland’s block chord style. It contains some great information and transcription examples:


Thanks @Hayden! I’ll read into it