How To Play Like Eddie Higgins

Welcome to this thread on the playing style of jazz pianist Eddie Higgins.

This thread will be structured in the same way as our thread on “How To Play Like Beegie Adair” and all recordings, links to archived seminars, and relevant PDF files will be stored here.

Session 1: In A Sentimental Mood (30th May 2022)

For the first session we will analyse Eddie’s solo piano recording of the tune “In A Sentimental Mood”. This is a nice tune for beginners and one that I love to play. The tune follows an AABA form and the harmony and chord changes are simple and easy to memorise.

Here is the seminar page to access the live event and the archived recording:

We will start the session with a recap of the form and harmony, we will play through with simple voicings, and then we will introduce the voicings and substitutions used by Eddie Higgins in his solo piano recording.

“In A Sentimental Mood” Recording

Here is the recording on YouTube. I recommend everyone to study it, play along with it, and attempt to transcribe some of the material:

PDF Supplements

I have prepared a couple of PDFs that we will be working from in the live session. We will mainly use the lead sheet notation with red reharms above, and we can reference the full transcription file if needed.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for tunes to cover feel free to post these below and see you in the seminar next week.


Can’t wait for this! He has so many great solos! I will throw a few out there.

When You Wish Upon a Star

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

My One and Only Love



Looking forward to your next Live Seminar. “In a Sentimental Mood” is such a lovely tune, and Eddie Higgins is truly a fine stylist.

I’d like to share some tunes from his 2000 album Speaking of Jobim . Here are three tunes via YouTube. The whole album can be found on Spotify here. These aren’t the best versions of the tunes, but they’re relevant here. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


So looking forward to this seminar. Oh, if only I could “play like Eddie Higgins,” one of my very favorite pianists. And so versatile! I’m happy to listen.
Here’s another song to consider. Maybe for the bluesy stride lessons.


@Hayden , you mentioned in the live seminar a lesson on Georgia on My Mind. Could you post a link to that one? Thanks.
I also really love the Eddie Higgins solo in this tune, and have been studying your look at the first two A sections of that solo in your earlier live seminar. It would be so great to have a full seminar looking at the whole solo. cheers. thanks, james

Yes here is the “Georgia On My Mind” course:

There will be more lessons added to this course on a variety of topics.

I’d like to do the same with the tune “In A Sentimental Mood” that we covered today and create a full course around this tune too.

Yes I agree that’s a great idea - it’s a lovely solo to take inspiration from. Leave that with me and I will schedule it.

In July we will explore the voicings and reharmonisations in Eddie Higgins’ solo piano rendition of “Over The Rainbow”, check out the recording here and more info to follow:

Related Tutorials

Here are a couple of lessons which cover the basic harmony of the tune:


Looking forward to it!! Thanks @Hayden

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