How To Bookmark Lessons πŸ”–

Hi Groovers!

Our lesson bookmark feature can be used to add personalised study notes to the lessons you are studying. Each lesson page has a bookmark button above the top right of the video player.

Check out this video for a full demonstration:

All of your bookmarks are saved to your student dashboard for quick and easy reference. You can add, edit, and remove bookmarks as you progress through the PianoGroove syllabus.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions to make the bookmark functionality better, just let us know.



Hi @Hayden,

I like it. It is really a great feature you have implemented. I use it to write short important summaries to keep in mind.

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Thanks Prisca - really glad to hear this feature is useful for you.

With so many topics and genres on the site we thought the bookmarks would help to add some extra organisation to the lessons and courses we are studying.

There is also bookmarking functionality on the Live Seminars by the way, see the screenshots below.

1) Click β€œBookmark” button in dropdown:

2) Leave a note in the editor box:

3) The bookmark appears on your Pro Dashboard:

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Hi Hayden, would be even better if a bookmark can link to a timestamp within a video.

Great idea @edwin3 - I have passed the idea onto our video player developers.

The lesson chaptering interface currently works through time stamps and so I’m sure this could be applied to the bookmarks too.

I will post updates here as I hear them.

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