Herbie Hancock Lectures

I just spent a highly-entertaining hour listening to the first of a 2014 series of lectures by Herbie Hancock. He is articulate, brilliant, funny, modest, and a great storyteller. But his insight into music and how it interweaves with life, personal growth and humanity is truly amazing. It is well worth listening to. Your perspective on jazz and its place in your life will not be the same afterwards.
First lecture - “The wisdom of Miles Davis”. Start at 9 minutes (None of us needs a nine-minute introduction to Herbie Hancock!)


Nice find George, I agree Herbie Hancock is a wonderful storyteller.

I recently saw this tribute video to Chick Corea hosted by Christian McBride and the Newport Jazz Festival. Herbie Hancock joins the zoom call at around 1h 44m and shares some fun stories about Chick Corea:

So many great jazz musicians on one zoom call :star_struck:

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