Hayden's lesson on "Estaté"

If you want inspiration for Hayden’s great tutorial on Bruno Martino’s “Estaté,” take a look at this version by Till Brönner. He’s a German trumpeter/vocalist and one of my favorites.
Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Here’s the link to the lesson: Estaté Jazz Piano Lesson Tutorial | Estaté by Bruno Martino


Wowow! This is gold :heart_eyes: super love it! Thank you so much for sharing Scott! Am just all smiles watching it now :blush: and will surely head to Hayden’s lesson on "Estaté…- this got me excited today!!!

edit: Hayden’s performance of this song is just soo uber tastefully played!
Made my day! :star_struck:

Awesome version Scott. I think the tune “Estaté” is well suited to the trumpet and I’m glad you enjoyed my tutorial on it too.

I really like this recording with João Gilberto:

Perhaps I have already shared this recording in the forum before, but anyhow I like how the guitar accompaniment completely stripped back to just the basic bossa nova groove and João Gilberto almost whispers the lyrics into the mic at times.

The version i discover this beautiful song
Ye Bronner version cool , love his approach and orchestration and master Gilberto whispering version too and another mood with this one … and beaufiful french lyrics Claude add to the song.

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Thanks for sharing. Great take–love the voice and the piano.