Have a listen to César Camargo Mariano

Here’s a link to 1966, an album by César Camargo Mariano’s trio Som/3. (I’ve had this one on repeat for some time.) He is a Brazilian pianist, arranger, composer and music producer. In the early 1960s, a teenaged Mariano became famous for his ability to swing and for his legendary left hand. His ensembles of that era, notably Sambalanço Trio and Som Três, are regarded today as high points in Brazilian jazz. He has recorded thirty-plus instrumental albums. He was 23 when he recorded this album; today at 80 he’s still active.

Mariano’s collaborations with some of Brazil’s most important singers like Elis Regina–with whom he was married for eight years until her untimely death–brought him global acclaim, such as the historic 1973 album Elis e Tom, recorded with Antônio Carlos Jobim, that featured Mariano as producer, pianist, and musical director.

For those of you that like bossa/samba, samba/jazz, or just a very well-played piano, this is 35 minutes that are well worth your time. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

[Note: Tracks 5 and 6 are mislabeled. Track 5 is “Cidade Vazia” and Track 6 is “Um Minuto.”] I’ve been working on a version of “Cidade Vazia” though it’s not quite like this one.

For those of you without Spotify: