Hank Jones Recordings

This is the place to share anything of interest on the great Hank Jones.

Hank Jones - My Funny Valentine (Solo Piano)


Hank Jones - In A Sentimental Mood (Solo Piano)

Another brilliant solo performance from Hank Jones. @marc421812 has already posted this full concert (Live At Blue Note Tokyo) which includes this tune but I thought it would also be nice to post it separately.

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Hank Jones is really talented and always has a precise touch and thus a great sound.
I like the way he unifies a great talent and knowledge of composition with a his specific piano technic (touch, nuances, phrasing, motion economy, harm weight, internal chords voices, fingering…).
All these different piano technics of great jazzmen could also be a part of this piano lesson website.

Yes I agree completely Marc.

With touch, nuances, and phrasing in particular… the only way to truly absorb this is from listening, transcribing and playing along with the records that you hear this in.

Phrasing is what separates the good musicians and the very best jazzmen.

The only way to really learn how to phrase is to emulate your favourite players.

I find it happens quite naturally, every so often a phrase from a recording that I’ve been listening to will appear in my solo or when i’m noodling around. It’s usually rhythmic phrases as appose to the exact same notes played.

You’re right.
As I’m a little bit slow, I invite you in Paris for a small concert in summer 2250 or 2251, I think I could play some of these stuff.
Keep in touch … and be confident on future medical discoveries…

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Magnificent performances! :slight_smile:

And I like how the musicme site organises the videos artist-specific pages.

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