Hammond Organ Tutorials Coming Soon 🎹

Hey all,

We’re making good progress with recording our Hammond B3 course:

“Introduction to Hammond: F Blues”

This course is ideal for those interested in playing or learning about the Hammond B3 organ and the information is also relevant to clones of the Hammond organ.

We cover the anatomy of this unique instrument and then explore basslines, comping, improvisation, and turnarounds; all in context of the 12 bar blues in F.

Our Seattle studio was just about big enough to fit the B3 and Leslie speaker! :sweat_smile: It’s been fun setting up the new camera angles and microphones and we have recorded the first lessons.

Here’s a few shots from Seattle:

Robert - our new teacher - covers tonnes of great principles and concepts for playing the blues which are relevant to the piano as well as the Hammond B3.

More information to follow.

ps. I’ll be a little slow replying to forum comments/emails this week please bear with me and I’ll catch up ASAP :sunglasses: :+1:


Very much looking forward to this new addition! Thanks Hayden for adding it. And also looking forward to Robert’s lessons and insights.

Hi Hayden,

Great idea of having Organ tutorials.
I guess that this is also relevant even if I don’t own an organ?
I do have in my Roland a Hammond sound so I guess I can apply the same principals that will be taught in the course on that sounds?



Hi Ariel :wave:

Yes that’s right.

The lessons were recorded using a real Hammond B3 and most of the concepts covered are applicable and relevant to the piano.

Here’s the topics we recorded:

  1. The anatomy of the Hammond organ
  2. Walking basslines
  3. Right hand comping
  4. Improvisation
  5. Turnarounds
  6. Putting everything together

I estimate the course will be around 8 lessons as some of the lessons will be in 2 parts.

Robert shares lots of great tips for constructing walking basslines, right hand coming over walking bass, improvising over walking bass, blues scales and licks, and enhancing the blues form.

We will be posting all updates in this thread.


Hi Hayden,

Yea sounds great.
I have been trying to improvise with the Hammond sound on my own electric piano but I can’t get it right, hopefully after I studied the course I will be better :slight_smile:

Yes you will certainly find the course useful Ariel.

Robert starts from the ground up and explains all of the intricacies of the instrument.

It could be cool to experiment with a dual keyboard layout if you want a more realistic organ setup. We can set the top keyboard to one sound, and the bottom keyboard to another sound. It would be relatively easy to set up, and also a lot cheaper than buying an organ! :grin:

I think @Pierrot has a dual keyboard layout.

Perhaps we can create a thread on that closer to the time.