Get-together/Jam in Vancouver

Hello Pianogroovers!

Does anyone live in or near Vancouver?
I was thinking of organizing small events, like a get-together jam where we could play together solo or duo or even have a practice session together :slight_smile:
I also play a little bit of bass guitar so that could be good practice too :wink:

Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivation high overtime so I feel like connecting and engaging with other like-minded musicians is the best way to mutually improve and grow!

So if you’re in the area or know somebody, don’t be shy and let’s connect!


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Dang! I wish I had a nearby friend who also played bass!
Great idea Agnes, hope that ignites some jams! I’m near Port Townsend.:joy:

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Wonderful idea Agnes!

I hope some of our B.C. students will take you up on your offer… I agree that connecting, engaging and collaborating is a great way to improve.

I lived in Vancouver for 6 months a few years ago and so I might have a little to share with the jazz scene there:

Jazzy Jammers Meetup Group

A great bunch of passionate local jazz enthusiasts hosting regular jams around the city:

Cory Weeds Jam At The Shadbolt Centre

A fun monthly gig I Iiked to go to was Cory Weeds’ jam at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby.

Check out the upcoming dates here:


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@LoriNelson If you ever come to town, let me know :slight_smile:

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Thank you Hayden, yes I’m in the Vancouver Jazzy Jams Meetup and have been to a couple of them but never went to Cory Weeds, will definitely check out the February gig, thanks for the info !!

BTW are you in Seattle? I might visit the jazz scene there one of these days and would love to connect and jam together :slight_smile:


Will do!! My friends Jennifer Scott and Rene Worst are professional jazz musicians in Vancouver. Watch for them and go take in one of their shows. She is also vocal and jazz piano teacher there.


Great that you have already found the jazzy jammers group! :sunglasses:

Yes definitely check out the jam at the Shadbolt Centre in February Agnes… It’s a really nice show to attend and I think you will enjoy it.

Over the past couple of years my time has been split between Seattle, Brooklyn, and back home in Manchester UK with my family.

That sounds great I will keep you posted when I’m next in Seattle. Looking forward!

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