Functional Harmony Course

Hi everyone :wave:

I have created the first draft of a new course on functional harmony and jazz standards.

Firstly I’ll explain a little about how the course is structured:

  • Each module focuses on a specific key. The first module focuses on the key of C Major which contains 4 lessons covering theory and jazz standards.

  • The theory lessons in each module cover chord voicings and common chord progressions (251, 2516, 36251 etc…).

  • We then conduct a harmonic analysis of a tune (“Moon River” for the C Major module) to help us identify common progressions and cadences in context of actual jazz standards.

  • In the final lesson of the module we arrange the tune in the regular 'jazz standard lesson format’ that we are all familiar with.

Find the new course here:

What Will You Learn From These Lessons?

The goal of this is course is to help students to memorise jazz standards by providing a deeper understanding of functional harmony and common chords, progressions, cadences and modulations that we find over and over again in jazz standards.

This topic also ties in with Tuomo’s Memorisation Classroom which is currently taking place.

Feedback, Suggestions

I had originally planned this course to be beginner level and often the direction of our courses will evolve slightly in the recording stages.

I have now placed this course in our “Intermediate” jazz lessons as the lessons tie together many of the voicings and progressions that we cover in that area of the website.

If anyone has any feedback or ideas to improve the first module, do let me know. The plan is to replicate the first module for 5 or 6 different keys - each focusing on a different tune but having the same flow through the theoretical concepts.

The Next Module

The next module on the key of G Major will be recorded next month and we will use the tune “How High The Moon” for the jazz standard application.

Course Downloads

To get an idea of what’s covered in terms of voicings and progressions, check out the following PDF files. These files contain the actual notation included in the lessons:

Chord Voicings Downloads:

Chord Progressions Downloads:


Wow ! Thanks Hayden - this is already answering my long time questions in jazz! yipeee . Will be sure to check it out. Always big FUN and all smiles each time I visit PianoGroove.


I obviously haven’t had time to download and look through the material, but the concept is brilliant. Looking forward to the new course!

As always, thanks for continuing to make PianoGroove even better than it already is


Great course Hayden. I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the other keys!

What a marvelous course!! All the existing material in a new format. This really energizes me. I’m looking forward to working through the lessons and then applying them to the standards you’ve chosen as well as my “repertoire.” Thank you so much. You’re keeping me (somewhat) sane during these crazy, crazy times.

am enjoying this! Hayden - Thanks so much and so many good points, and brilliant stuff to learn from this course! I played along as I watched and listened hehe

Happy Belated Christmas everyone! :evergreen_tree: Thanks so very much to Hayden and all other amazing instructors at PianoGroove! whoopeeee

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback everyone.

I will get started on the the key of G Major next week.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Thanks @Hayden . These courses are wonderful!!! Just what I needed at this point!! They provide such an accessible approach to leaning these voicings - just a couple notes at a time. And a wealth of really useful information about functional harmony. Bravo!!

Awesome thanks James - I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the course.

I am aiming to record the module for the key of G Major this month with the tune “How High The Moon” as the application and analysis lessons.

I will post all updates here :sunglasses: