For those who were in Jovino's "Bossa Nova Breakdown" seminar

Some of you expressed an interest in getting a copy of Jobim’s Cancioneiro. Don’t buy anything from Amazon or elsewhere. You can get it all for free at

I know Spanish and a little Portuguese, and the site description more or less says:

All the music composed by ACJ with an archive of the best known audio and scores from the Cancioneiro Jobim in PDF format.

Some of these are publishing house versions, some are by Jobim’s son Paolo, and some are even Jobim’s originals written in pencil. An interesting site.

Hope this helps. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


I remember someone posted this site a while back. It’s great! I love the Girl From Ipanema sheets with the drawings and what not. :sweat_smile:

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Wow, that sounds superb, thank you so much!

I’m currently editing this seminar to make the ideas and concepts more digestible. I’ve added the lead sheets into the video, the blue highlights on the lead sheets, and also the light-keyboard with correct enharmonic equivalents - check out 3 minutes of it here:

I’m unsure exactly how long the editing will take as the video file is 1 hour long and I’m just 13 minutes in so far:

The format is different to the usual jazz standard arrangements on the website as we have the face shot which makes the tutorial more engaging, particularly during the parts which are more explanation than demonstration.

I’m currently around half way through the “Triste” breakdown and it’s looking awesome so far :sunglasses:

After editing the seminar, I will also split it in half and add the two songs covered as dedicated jazz standard lessons in the Brazilian section of the website.

I will also create full notation PDFs of the arrangements and accompaniments that Jovino demonstrates. Perhaps the improvised sections can be notated too.

More to follow.

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Wow, @Hayden, this is brilliant! It’s amazing how the face shot clearly adds a focus to the material.

Thanks so much for the effort you’re putting into this project. (And it’s interesting to see your Logic tracks. Much there is still beyond me, but at least now I understand what’s going on.)

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Thanks Scott - glad you like the layout!

I’ve almost finished the editing and I’ll update the archived seminar video shortly.

I will try the same camera setup with my live seminar on Moon River later this month.

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The editing of this seminar is now finished and it’s looking great. I’ve also added the chapter markings to easily navigate the seminar contents.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this archived seminar as there are lots of awesome pointers shared on voicings, accompaniment, and improvisation :

Cheers and enjoy!

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I just worked though the seminar again, and it’s so very good in this format! This fixes what was a bit of a problem for me with some of his earlier seminars. So much information with little visual guidance to help follow along. Your hard work definitely paid off here. Cheers. :musical_keyboard:

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In the seminar, Jovino mentioned César Camargo Mariano. Here’s a fine example of this style of piano. Here are a couple of tunes, followed by links to the albums on Spotify for those who are interested. The first is a vocal duo with his son whose mother was Elis Regina; the second with Romero Lubambo on guitar. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Here are the Spotify links:

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Great to hear that ! wonderful work,in editing too was another wonderful seminar with lot of discovering !! thanks

ps but i cant see the chapters ? did i miss something?

The chapters have been added to the seminar Bossa Nova Breakdown - “Triste” and “Summer Samba”:

See on the right hand side here:

“Chega de Saudade” Workshop"

I still need to add the chapters to this seminar “Chega de Saudade” Workshop - I will do this later today.

I have added the light-up keyboard, which is currently showing all flats, and I will re-edit it to show the correct enharmonic equivalents and also the chord chart with blue highlights. The full hour seminar takes a while to edit, but I will get it done asap for you.

In the interim the chord chart and suggested voicings for “Chega de Saudade” are available in PDF format in the Seminar Resources/Downloads.

Cheers. :sunglasses:

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Again, Hayden, your work on these seminars is very much appreciated. Thanks! :musical_keyboard:

My pleasure Scott - really glad to hear it’s appreciated! :sunglasses:

Thanks Hayden :star_struck:

Strange the Chapters part are blank on my side ?

Hmm that is unusual Pierre… Try scrolling down the page as I’ve noticed that sometimes the chapters will appear when scrolling down the page.

If that doesn’t work please let me know what browser and device you are using, and I will pass this onto the tech guys to investigate.

If you could also let me know if this is happening for you in all browsers, or just one, that will help us to diagnose and fix the issue.

Yes your right this happens only on Firefox i try the last update same problem even strolling dont help, but on Chrome its fine. Take care Cheers

Cool thanks Pierre - I will pass onto the tech guys now. :+1: