Finger agility, independence & strength

Hanon Exercises. Galaxy Music. Free pdfs available for all exercises. Mentioned by Tuomo I found the daily practice of the Hanon is a great way to kick off a practice session and finger improvement is swift and enjoyable.

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I also start my practice routine with a Hanon exercise!

Yea guys, Hanon is the thing!

It’s really good for not only getting faster but also to practice being in control of every finger, as well as detecting our flaws and strengths!


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In classical,

Equality for fingers was usually searched with

Hanon in all keys, with different rythms, independant rythms, Little Pischna

51 Bhrams exercices (very interesting)

and scales (with many tricks on how to practice scales)

…very slow to very fast… but… not too much (10 minutes) …with relaxation and precision

but, teachers always gave these with some other studies with more expression (Czerny morning time, Moskowski little etudes … or the big ones) … to Chopin and, for courageous people Liszt, Debussy etc

Any Bach will teach a lot…it’s probably the best )))

Do not forget the small Oscar Peterson studies… sure that they can be adapted to any technical level :wink:

so… equality… but expression abilities… multi voices… but… for a limited time per day)))

avoid torture ))))))

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from early 19th century… allmost all pianists sold some exercices… some guys just put funny little things they were doing as warmup…depending on the mood… based on improvisation )))

funny :wink:

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