Feedback Needed: New Lesson Style/Format

Hi All :wave:

I’ve experimented with a new style of tutorial that incorporates transcribed solos, check it out here:

This is lesson 5 in the latest course on “How To Play Piano In A Jazz Band” - see this thread for more info: Upcoming Course: Playing In A Jazz Band

The Goal Of This New Style Of Tutorial

For any students looking to improve their improvisation, listening, transcribing, and playing along with records should be a staple part of your practice.

In the above lesson, I highlight how I approach transcription and demonstrate how this will improve your playing.

I’d love to hear some feedback on this style of tutorial. My goal is to encourage all students to transcribe on a regular basis. I hope this lesson serves as inspiration for those that want to improve on their improv.

You will also hear me reference Tuomo - our newest jazz piano teacher. We are currently recording a 7-lesson improvisation course which also focuses on the tune “There Will Never Be Another You” … the course will be published later this month.

Any comments or feedback much appreciated!

Cheers :sunglasses:

Hy Hayden,
Many thanks for your new style of tutorial. I still have not chance to enjoy it due to my hard work days in Iraq.
I will let you know my comment soon.

Hi Francesco :wave:

My pleasure.

Here’s the record that the lesson is based on.

Try to listen to the recording, at least 10 times, and then watch the lesson.

I think you will then enjoy the lesson more :smiley:


hi hayden.
this is a very good kind of lessons .to go from intermedate to advance level
thank you very much…
and wich you the best.

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Thanks Absslam.

More to come shortly… I will soon email all students with another course from a new PianoGroove teacher.

It also has an improvisation focus and so ties in nicely with this one.


cheers hayden you are making a great job.
thank you.

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