Export chord from DAW to notation program


Can anyone give me advice for the following situation. I have played my chords on my midi keyboard and record them in my DAW (Ablton Live 11). Is there an easy way to export the chords from Ableton to a notation program? I’m using now Musescore to write sheet music.

I hope someone can give me advice.

Thanks in advance


Hi Deborah,

I think the best way is to export the clip from session- or arrangement-view to a midi file.

I use Dorico, but I think that every notation program is able to import midi files.


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Thanks @Olli i will try that!

Hi Deborah,

Not sure about Abelton but Logic has something called a “Score Editor” that presents the captured midi data as a conventional score. Digression: the Score can be pretty messy depending on the settings–for example, depending on what you choose for quantization there may a plethora of 32nd notes and rests due to slight asynchrony in what you’ve played.

In any case, once you’ve opened the Score Editor in Logic (and, in my case, cleaned it up by quantization and removing pedaling and often dynamic information), it’s easy to export as an xml (for import into MuseScore) or pdf.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you find an Abelton solution.