Emily Jazz Standard Tutorial

Here’s a preview of Tuomo’s jazz standard tutorial on the tune “Emily” in the style of Bill Evans.

The Bill Evans recordings are widely recognised as some of the definitive recordings of this tune and Tuomo pays homage to Bill’s voicings and arrangement style.

Tuomo’s jazz standard tutorials are an advanced level and geared towards students with a good understanding of jazz harmony.

The full tutorial will be published in the coming days and the full lesson transcription will be provided as usual.


I cannot wait to get into this tune. Thank you

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Awesome Lori… I will post the lesson link here as soon as it’s finished.

I know from our conversations that you have worked through much of the harmonic studies on PianoGroove, and so I think these standard tutorials will be a nice level for you.

Tuomo’s style is slightly different to the current standard tutorials. There’s more of a focus on the functional harmony, modulations, and the overall harmonic direction of the tune.

As one of our more advanced students, I think you will find this refreshing and interesting. I certainly have so far whilst editing it.

Thanks for letting us know what you think.

Here is the “Emily” tutorial in the style of Bill Evans:

The full lesson, transcription and chord changes are available here:

Tuomo starts with a numeric analysis of the form and harmony. In the second half of the tutorial, he explains the logic behind his voicings choices.

And to finish, we examine Bill Evans’ ending to the tune.

For anyone looking to learn about the stylistic aspects of Bill Evans voicings, the second half of this tutorial shares lots of valuable insights.


Here are my friends Jennifer Scott (vocals/piano) her husband Rene Worst on bass and Tom Keenlyside on sax. They are from Vancouver BC

We can learn from her comping on this as well as her piano solo.


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Beautiful, thanks for sharing Lori.

A lovely recording and wonderful to learn the lyrics to the tune.