Elegant Stride & Improv Course

Hey everyone :wave:

Here’s the first draft of my new course on “Body & Soul - Elegant Stride & Improv” :

There are currently 8 lessons which break down left hand stride drills for the A Section of “Body & Soul”. Similar to my other new jazz standard courses, we start right at the beginning with diatonic harmony and then add an extra layer of sophistication in each new lesson.

There will be 2 more modules: the next module will focus on the Bridge/B section, and then the final module will cover improvisation drills and exercises, filling in the space, and also how to create a more ‘laid-back’ stride style with extra textural variety from our voicing techniques.

PDF downloads:

Here are the PDF downloads for the first 8 lessons. These downloads include full notation for the demonstrations - including time stamps of where the demonstrations are in the lesson - and also highlight the key points and theory takeaways:

More updates to follow on the next modules.

Also here are some related seminars:


Excited for this! The newer approach to dedicating the course to a whole song has helped a lot with memorization. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Jose - I’m really glad to hear it!

I’m aiming to get the B Section module recorded this week.

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This is just what I’m looking for! Thanks Hayden!

Thanks @arttrahan119 - more to follow for this course in January.

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