Earth Day version of the Rhodes MK8 and the V8 plugin

If I had room in my apartment, I’d try to get one of these limited edition Rhodes MK8s. It’s a beautiful version of the latest—and I think the best—Rhodes iteration. You can see for yourself. Make sure to click through the photos toward the bottom.

After that, if you’re interested in piano plugins, the Rhodes V8 is outstanding. (I have the Pro version.) I haven’t had it for long, but its versatility is amazing. You can find many YouTube videos about the V8 Pro. In the one I include, one of the features I really like is the ability to sync effects with your DAW. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Hey Scott, thanks for sharing! Brings back memories—I owned one of the original Fender Rhodes Mk 1 for a couple of years in the early 1980s. I loved the sound but it was finicky and not that enjoyable to play—little ability to modulate sound through touch and articulation.

Speaking of which—we moved into our new house in California and I’ve now had a new 7’ grand piano for a couple months. It’s also finicky—difficult to keep in tune and some of the internal parts of the action have needed minor maintenance. But, I absolutely love the touch and the tone. I remember having a conversation with Tuomo about digital vs. acoustic where he said he would always prefer an acoustic under almost any circumstances. At the time, I questioned that opinion but now I’ve come to appreciate and endorse it!

Not sure if/when I’ll use VSTs and Logic again, although I did put my Focusrite DAC to good use for recording and sharing—I posted something in this month’s community challenge.

Back on topic—starting with the Mk V, the ability to modulate tone through changes in touch and articulation were said to be improved; I’ll see if I can find and play a Rhodes Mk 8 and report back!