Dominant Chord Voicings

There are great lessons on major and minor Chord voicings for melody notes in the Lydian and Dorian modes, respectively. Why no similar lesson for Dominant chords?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

I can certainly create a lesson in the same format for dominant chords. It would be nice to run over each possible melody note and explain how I would approach creating a voicing.

There are a lot more melody note possibilities with dominant chords… basically every note except the major 7th and natural 4th. However, these two notes can also work in some instances.

The upper structure series of lessons was meant to address this, but I agree they do not follow the same format as the major/minor chord lessons.

Make sure you have a copy of the upper structure cheat sheet (see below) - you can download it here.

The ones highlighted in green are the most important.

I will tie this theory into the lesson too.

Thanks for the suggestion Dave… it’s a great idea for a lesson!