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Our new Cuban Grooves Course with Elio Villafranca has been published.

The course offers an introduction to Cuban grooves and rhythms starting with the clave and cascara patterns, montuno patterns, and then exploring other popular Cuban styles such as Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Guajira, and Changüí.

Here’s a link to the course page:

The PDF downloads have been added for most of the lessons and the remaining ones will be uploaded this coming week.

Elio Villafranca

Our Cuban piano teacher is Elio Villafranca - a talented Cuban pianist and educator.

Born in the Pinar del Río province of Cuba, Steinway Artist and Grammy Nominated pianist and composer Elio Villafranca was classically trained in percussion and composition at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.

Here’s a link to Elio’s website if you’d like to learn more about Elio and his music:


Thanks so much @Hayden ! I can’t wait to dig in.


Very nice! Thank you! Any chance he will be doing any seminars? Would be great to put these techniques to use in tunes. Thanks again

Hey Luzio, yes we did record 5 song performances which I still need to add to the course.

We covered the following 5 tunes:

  • Cuban Descrgas
  • Con Poco Coco
  • La Mulata Rumbera
  • All The Things You Are
  • Decidete

Each of these videos is a performance/demonstration of the tune showing harmony and improvisation using the principles from the course.

I will add these to the course asap and also see if we can host some seminars which dive deeper into the application of the techniques to tunes.

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Hi again. Sorry to bother. Just wondering if there is any news on when the performances will be up? Hoping to get working on it sooner than later. Thanks again.

Hey @luzioluna :wave:

Apologies for the delay. I have just layered the videos - please see below.

Wow. That’s amazing.

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Hi there. Are these still available somewhere. Im just checking back in to go through them again

Hey Luzio :wave:

Here are all 5 videos. Our video editor is working on this right now and they will be ready shortly:

All The Things You

Decidete Mi Amor

The Peanut Vendor

La Mulata Rumbera

Con Poco Coco

Thank you! The older 3 videos are blacked out for me. do you see them?

Hey @luzioluna - I have just refreshed the videos above - I’m not sure what happened there.

The video editor is working on adding the notation right now. 2 of the performances are more improvisational than following a chord chart (La Mulata Rumbera and Con Poco Coco) and so we will try our best to map the demonstration to a notation graphic.

For the first 3 songs (All The Things You Are, Decidete Mi Amor, and The Peanut Vendor) - we have located chord charts that follow exactly or closely what is being demonstrated.

As soon as the videos are finished I will post an update here.

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sorry to pester my year ends in 30 days. any news on this?

Hey Luzio,

Apologies this slipped off my radar again. Thanks for reminding me.

Here they are with the notation included - I didn’t get a chance to create the lesson pages yet but you can watch them below with the speed controls (click the cog icon next to the volume control) and also the full screen option.

The performance of “La Mulata Rumbera” is very difficult to notate, but these 4 performances came out quite nicely, here they are:

The Peanut Vendor:

Decidete Mi Amor

All The Things You Are

Con Poco Coco