Christmas Lessons Have Arrived 🎅

Happy Holidays to all our students!

Here’s some new jazzy Christmas lessons for us all to enjoy…

“Walking In A Winter Wonderland” - Solo Piano Tutorial

This is a solo ballad arrangement by myself. I’ve added this to our course on “Jazzy Christmas Classics”.

This is a lovely tune to get in the festive spirit. @toshihiro859997 thanks for your wonderful rendition of “Blue Christmas” and I hope you like this arrangement.

“Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town” Sing-a-long Tutorial!

Lyndol has put together a sing-a-long tutorial for “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” which we can all play with our friends and family over the holidays.

Lyndol gives insight on how to lead a group of singers and get the best out of the performance.

Check out the tutorial here:

More festive tutorials to follow over the coming weeks. :santa:


The holiday season is here ! Your arrangement of the Winter Wonderland is beautiful. I enjoyed it. Also, in the lesson, I’ve found the followings very interesting and useful.

  • harmonizing the pick-up notes (Bb) with Bb13(sus4), when the melody note is root

  • creating of melodic embelishments over dominant chords using the Upper Structure triads, one for D7(b9#11) with major triad off #11 and another for C7(b9#5) with minor triad off b9

  • chord analysis for the first half of the bridge, which is 125161251 in the key of G major

    The other half of the bridge also has similar chord progression of 1251625 in
    the key of Bb major.

  • the 16251 ending, which is done beautifully. I will use it for my own arrangement.

Thank you for the wonderful lesson and arrangement. I wish that you have a happy holiday !!