"Can´t Buy Me Love" Stride Style inspired by Beegie Adair

Never would have found Beegie Adair without PG Membership! :people_hugging: :pray:


Hi @christianschilk :wave:

I just got around to listening to your rendition - what a lovely arrangement you have there and your playing sounds great… Congrats!

It’s interesting because I’m also a big fan of Beegie Adair - mainly focusing on her down-tempo ballad arrangements - but I can hear a lot of her stylistic techniques in your playing.

Your left hand stride with the bass lines fragments sounds awesome and the punchy comping adds to the groove… I’m a big fan! :star_struck:

It must be a lot of fun to play this one in public or at a party etc…

Thanks for sharing!

:flushed: :hushed:
Hayden, that means a lot to me. This is very motivating and gives me the necessary self-confidence to continue on my path!
Warm warm thanks!

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Great sense of rhythm there Christian. Beegie is my favourite too. Well done!

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Thanks George. All the best :pray: