Came across an interesting app

Recently, I came across Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, an app for MacOS and iOS (iPad). It’s well beyond what most of us are trying to achieve here at PianoGroove, but it seems quite fascinating. I thought I’d post a link here for anyone who might be interested.

Take a look at the videos “Learn What You Can Do in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro” and "3 Reasons Musicians Avoid Studying Tonal Harmony and . . . " to get an idea of how it works. It seems sort of like iRealPro on steroids, including, among other things, an excellent 700 songs standards list.


:grin: … exactly what I was thinking.

Yes, thanks for sharing this Scott. It looks like an immensely powerful set of tools.

I imagine it would be very useful for songwriters.

Here’s their explainer video so we can watch directly in the thread here:

Seems to be very good !

… I’m just waiting for some neuronal transplantation as I don’t think I have enough connections in my brain to be able to use this…


Thanks Scott! Looks interesting, will have a look :face_with_monocle:

Yes, the app you refer to is Politonus Ear Training

They also have an interactive app for studying scales and modes, Tessitura Pro Scales & Modes and one on sight reading, See Music Sight-Reading

Lots of advanced information. For now, I’m still trying to get my fingers to stretch to cover the Kenny Barron voicings. :slight_smile:

At any rate, it’s really interesting to see how people are applying computer technology to so many areas of study.

Nice thread.I only use ear training …gonna check out the other apps.

Thanks for sharing these Scott… very useful links.

Yes keep stretching and you will gradually but surely extend your reach. You can also ‘roll’ or arpeggiate the voicings too.

Today I’m recording the practice plan for the Chord Extensions Course and there is a practice slot in there for the Kenny Barron voicing, I have some new suggestions which will complement the information from the initial lesson on the KB Voicings.


I feel like this is very beginning too and so there’s going to be much more technology integration in education.

And as you pointed in your initial post, I agree that this app would be more useful to some than others, depending on their goals and what they intend to do with music.