Buying the fake book


I wanna download the new real book ,but there are three versions of that as C , Bb, and Eb

So which one do you recommend ?

which version is the one as same as the tutorials versions ?

thank you

Hey Hooman!

As a piano player, you definitely want to buy the C version. Always!

  • The C version is for pianists, guitarists, bassists, and many other instruments.

  • The Bb version is for trumpeters, trombonists, tenor saxophonists, and many other instruments.

  • And the Eb version is for alto saxophonists, baritone saxophonists, and many other instruments.

This is called concert pitch, and it helps different instruments play together in an ensemble setting. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation on Concert Pitch, check out this link: Concert pitch - Wikipedia

Anyhow I digress :grinning: … here are the 2 Books that I would recommend:

You should also understand that there are different editions of these books, and so the exact tunes contained in each edition will also be slightly different.

Click the links below, and you can click “Song List” or “Index Of Tunes” to see exactly which tunes they contain.

The New RealBook: The New Real Book: Vol. 1 | Sher Music Co.


The New Real Book contains a more modern selection of tunes. It features many of the classic jazz standards and also some newer fusion tunes.

The RealBook: The Real Book – Volume I – Sixth Edition - C Edition - Real Book Series | Hal Leonard Online


This book contains most of the tunes from PianoGroove’s jazz standard tutorials and we recommend that you buy yourself a copy.

Hope this helps :+1::+1:

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thank you for Reply Hayden

you are the best

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with the community that I have found a treasure.
The treasure is called “The real easy book” which there are 3 volumes to. The first one is the easiest one and the third one is most likely the more complicated one.

I by mistake bought that book/guide while I visited London a few months ago in the Barbican Centre for music shop (I think that how the store is called).
I bought volume 2, because that’s what they had in the store at the time.

Anyway the format of the book makes playing the tunes much more easier and you can learn from it a lot as oppose to the standard real book. Each tune contains the lead sheet of the song and the other page contains sample voicing for the altered chords, the scale of the altered chords in the tune, and lead sheet of the baseline of the tune which is huge !!
Take a look at the sample page which you can find here (or purchase it if you want, I highly recommend).