Brazilian Piano

If you’ve worked your way through PianoGroove’s brilliant foundations courses and are comfortable at their intermediate level–and you have an interest in Jovino’s Brazilian Piano Lessons–I recommend taking a look at Turi Collura’s The Brazilian Piano Book.

Here are his opening remarks about the text:

The book is intended for piano teachers and also for all of those who wish to study—or deepen the study—of Brazilian rhythms and popular repertoire, including the baião, frevo, marcha-rancho, choro, bossa nova, samba and partido-alto. Starting by the peculiar elements of each rhythm, the method helps the pianist to develop his skills studying songs, rhythmic patterns and coordination exercises.
Through fifteen songs with different difficulty levels, we study rhythmic patterns, clichés, harmony and melody elements. We also learn comping techniques to play duo and piano solo. Piano teachers can use the method to play 3 or 4 hands with their students. They can also stimulate duo practice among students, that can learn to perform both the comping and the songs’ melodies (and, why not, have fun improvising)

He also has a more focused book, Piano Bossa Nova. I’ve worked my way through it (and continue revisiting a number of exercises), and I can tell you that, like the other book, it offers an amazing, progressive way to work through the many complexities of Brazilian piano (at least complex for a 70-year-old retired English professor. :sunglasses:)

Each is about $18.00 on Amazon and includes downloadable audio/visual supporting files. For that price, you get months of unlimited exercises and practice. And I can tell you that he’s very helpful if you have a problem. I couldn’t download some of the support material, and he immediately sent me a direct, alternative download direction.

Here’s a demo version of the book that I downloaded from Scribd. It is only a sample; it’s not complete. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

425587687-The-Brazilian-Piano-Book-DEMO (1).pdf (5.5 MB)