Book with song analysis-exercises

Hello PG members,

I have a question. I’m looking for a book with exercises to test my knowledge about analyzing jazz standards. The knowledge / questions i would like to test is

  • what is the key of the song
  • name all the chord numbers (ii-v-v etc)
  • name the between dominant
  • is there is a modulation and which chord is the pivot chord
    -what are the tritone substitution

So a whole song analyses exercise. I have been searching for weeks now and didn’t find anything like this. Only theorybooks which explain how analyses but not test is.

I hope some one has some advice for me. thanks in advance.


Hi Deborah - haven’t seen a book but there is an app from mDeck called Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro which creates harmonic analyzes of songs. It includes the Roman numerals and identifies the underlying harmonic function of the chord / progression. Also includes a “map” illustration how the harmony moves. See link:


@Deborah how about this one?

It has at least one chapter on jazz lead sheet analysis.


Hey @Deborah :wave:

I’ve also heard good reviews on @rickgoulburn 's suggestion.

You can see it here with screenshots of the interface:

I don’t have any personal experience with the software, but from looking at the app screenshots on the page above, I think this software should give you exactly what you are looking for.

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Thank you so much. I will check it out!!!

Thanks i will check the book.

Thanks for the extra information!!1 I will check it out and will let y’all know if this is what i was looking for…

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Hi @rickgoulburn and @Hayden , I bought the app from mDeck, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and have been using it for a couple of days now and it’s fantastic. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your advice!!!

And the tutorial about the app is so easy to follow, just perfect.

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Hi @MikeS I have order the book, so thanks for your advice as well. I think the book has a lot of extra theory what i need.

Two other suggestion on tools I find very helpful if you haven’t already discovered these:

  1. MIDIculous - I have on my iPad and connected to my keyboard. It will show a keyboard when you play a note and the corresponding chord. Not always right, but it is very useful to confirm I am -playing a specific _ free version is excellent.

  2. Paper Music - paid app which you can upload sheet music pdfs. Can organize in collections. But it also also lows you to add free hand notes or text or a range of music symbols. Very useful to key songs and work organized.

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