Boogie Woogie/Rock

I would like to learn Little Richard/s Good Golly Ms Molly in G. The original key.

I don’t think that it would take long.

Hi Glenn :wave:

This video has some great tips for developing hand independence for Boogie Woogie Style, and more specifically how to get the left hand locked into the groove which is essential for this style:

His demonstrations are quite funny too, eg. reading a book whilst playing the left hand bass line :grin:

Hey Glenn and Hayden. Arthur is my “Zoom teacher.” I was able to take live lessons with him up to the point where I could use is amazing materials without direct supervision, which was helpful when money got tight. Now I plan to take the new stuff that I’m learning here back to him for critique and development.

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That’s awesome @rgranier.

If you’d like to share a Boogie Woogie with us feel free to post an audio or video file here in the community area and it would be a pleasure to listen to it.

It’s a style I’ve always wanted to play but I haven’t found the time to dedicate to it as of yet… soon I hope! :grin:

I didn’t really spend as much time working on Boogie Woogie, but I did work on elements like some licks and left hand. I mostly focused on New Orleans, and specifically on Tipitina, for like a year or more. After hearing Jon talk about practicing, maybe that wasn’t the best approach but I learned the Fess licks that way and now trying to learn more songs.

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