Boogie Woogie Lessons Have Arrived 🕺

Hey Guys :wave:

The first Boogie Woogie lesson has landed - check out the video below for a taste of what’s to come:

Steve - our new Boogie Woogie teacher - has creating an "Introduction To Boogie Woogie" course.

Course Lessons

This step-by-step course contains the following lessons:

Course Downloads

Enjoy the course and any questions or feedback be sure to let us know.


Love it. Reminds me of a band years ago called “Blackfeather” who came out with a tune called “Boppin the Blues”

Exciting stuff!

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Great… I’ll check our “Blackfeather” … thanks Paul!

Awesome im ready to combine this with the prévious blues lessons. :metal::metal::metal:

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Yes you will love the lessons… there are 7 in total.

Here’s lesson 1 where Steve gives us an overview of the history of Boogie Woogie:

The other 6 lessons break down the basslines, chords, comping, rhythms, voicings, licks, lines, and then finally 2 full Boogie Woogie arrangements.

We’re very excited about launching this course! :sunglasses:

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Love it, Steve has an amazing way of describing the vibe and feeling whilst teaching, I’m all over Boogie Woogie :slight_smile:

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Sounds wonderful … are theses lessons alrerady up by now ? if so where can I view them ? Thank you in advance … Shay

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Hi Shay… they will be up within 24 hours, possibly sooner. You will be able to find them in the Blues section:

I will post an update here as soon as the lessons have been published.

Also, Here’s some more info on the course:

We spent a lot of time to plan, record, and edit this course to make sure that it ticks all the boxes.

The 7 lessons outline a step-by-step process to master Boogie Woogie piano. Steve explains the exact steps you need to take to play this music like a pro. I’m really excited to see what all our students think of the course.

I’m just finishing the editing on the final lesson, and then we are ready to launch in time for the weekend.


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@Shay_Ben_Dor - I decided to publish it now. I realised it is already the weekend for many of our students in Asia, Austalia & NZ. :slight_smile:

Here is the course page:

I am still working on lesson 7… which will be added today.

If you spot anything unusual, just let me know and I will fix it.

Cheers and enjoy!

Thank you a lot … :grinning: Highly appreciated , and right on time for the weekend

My pleasure Shay… lesson 7 will be published within the hour.

I’m uploading it right now.

Enjoy the course, and any feedback, we’d love to hear it any comments and constructive criticism.


This Boogie Woogie course is why I joined Pianogroove. I’m gonna tackle this one from january on… excited for 2020!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the PianoGroove community Andy!

I’d recommend starting out with Steve’s course on “Intro To The Chicago Blues”, and then progressing onto the Boogie Woogie Course.

Here is our course on the Chicago Blues style:

Many of the concepts are related and the Chicago Blues has some simpler left hand patterns to help improve our hand independence.

You will see many similarities in the comping, licks, riffs, and right hand melodic ideas that are used in both styles.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know and enjoy the lessons!

Thanks!! Will do it that way :wink:

Such a great course! I had so much fun practicing and playing this song!
Thx 2 Steven Flynn!!

I thought to share a little bit. It’s not perfect but hey… it’s all about having fun :slight_smile:


Nice Andy,

As you said, it IS fun! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Andy :wave:t2:

I just had the chance to listen to this and your performance is brilliant - congrats on learning the boogie-woogie style as it is a tricky one to play from a rhythmic standpoint.

I have sent your performance and message to Steve. As “Duwamish River Boogie” is his own composition I’m sure he will love to see you playing it and having so much fun with it.

Thanks for sharing this, and if you have any ideas for future boogie-woogie lessons let me know.

Cheers and stay safe,