Bill Evans/Tony Bennett version of My Foolish Heart

Hi everyone,

I have a singer friend who’d like us to do a piano/voice collaboration on the Bill Evans/Tony Bennett version of My Foolish Heart. It’s a little advanced for me to transcribe fully (although we are not aiming for an exact copy, more a vibe, but even so, knowing what the original was seems to me a good starting point).

So does anyone know if there is sheet music, or a lead sheet, for this version?


PS I have been using the Foolish Heart tutorial on this site - it’s a great start, thanks Hayden.
PPS I have looked for sheet music myself

Hi Izzy, I’m new here and found this chord changes .pdf ( right below the lesson. The lesson itself is part of the course called “Extended Chords & Voicings for Jazz” Hope that helps!

and doh! I just realized you’re looking for the transcription version, oops!

Hi @michael30, thanks anyway for responding! I guess I will have to flex my transcription muscles - they need a workout anyway …