Bill Evans Composition Workshop

Some lesson requests if possible….
I’ve managed to get Time Remembered ( no improvisation though) sorted and fancy trying some more of his own compositions eg
Turn out the Stars
The Two Lonely People
Only Child

Many thanks

Thanks for these great suggestion @john

We can certainly incorporate these tunes into an upcoming workshop - we’ll aim to deliver this next month.

As you are interested in Bill Evans’ compositions, you might like to check out the following resources on “Waltz For Debby”, here’s a Zoom workshop and a tutorial:

Keep an eye out for the seminar/workshop announcements for March :sunglasses:

Hey @john :wave:

I spoke with @Tuomo and he will cover all 3 of your tune requests in a Zoom workshop next month. It will likely be scheduled for Monday 4th March.

The workshop will be called “The Compositions Of Bill Evans” and we will explore Bill Evans’ style of composition and also analyse the 3 tunes that you requested.

The live events/workshops/seminars are announced at the start of each month so you will receive an email with all of the information.

Talk soon!


Fantastic news, thanks Hayden, really appreciated. I’ll try and make the live session if possible.

Hey @John :wave:

The Bill Evans Compositions Zoom Workshop has been scheduled for the 4th March.

You can add to your calendar here and the recording will be posted on the same page: