Beginner Jazz Piano Workbook & Seminars

Hey everyone :wave:

I recently created a Beginner’s Jazz Piano Workbook to help new students to visualise the key theory milestones ahead. Here is the PDF file for those interested:

This PDF file is an expanded version of my Beginner’s Jazz Piano Roadmap which is a shorter 1-page document outlining key theory drills from our beginner/early-intermediate jazz theory courses. This document can be downloaded here:

Jazz Theory Seminars For Beginner Students

The following 3 seminars expand on the contents of the PDFs above and so I wanted to post them all in one place for those interested:

If you’re a beginner jazz piano student or if you’re looking to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of beginner jazz theory, the PDFs and seminars in this thread will give you some direction on where to focus your time.

Any feedback welcome!