"Bebop" or "Charlie Parker" Blues

I’m practising the concepts explained in the Blues sections of the site. John Novello, in my tattered copy of his “Contemporary Keyboardist” describes a Bebop version of the Blues – The Charlie Parker Blues – that I noticed many years ago but have never seen anywhere else. The chord changes cycle through the circle of fifths for the tonic and subdominant keys with some tritone substitutes thrown in. Here are the changes in the key of C. Note that you can also add an F7 in the second two beats of the first bar before the bm7. In his section on the Blues Novello gives a number of examples of musicians who play each type but strangely didn’t give an example of a recording of the “Bebop” blues. Can anyone point me towards some recordings of this type of blues or provide more information? Thanks.
Bebop or Charlie Parker Blues.pdf (31.4 KB)

Edit later: Found Tuomo’s “Blues in Jazz” video. He gives the chords for the Parker Blues with some dominant variarions and suggests two recordings as an example. (Blues for Alice / ChiChi. ) I’ve left the post up for additional comments. Thanks.

Hi @George_Miller ,

I’m glad you found the ‘Blues In Jazz’ video,

I just wanted to post the link, as well as other blues-related material:

Blues In Jazz:

Also, Bud Powell’s ‘Dance Of The Infidels’ has interesting chances, that have similarities with Charlie Parker Blues: