Beat Buddy drum pedal

One of my favorite tools is the Beat Buddy Pedal. It makes practice a lot of fun and creative. I was looking for something like this when looking to play solo . It is far easier than a drum machine . It is very flexible with intros , fills and outros all foot controlled. It has a large Library/Store and Forum with all types of preprogrammed songs. If you feel you need something special you can add it on your computor into an SD card. The Beat Buddy runs off the SD card

As a practice tool, it is great. change tempos, volumes with a dial. Really nice sounding drums. for any style of music. You can practice with different time signatures.
One of my favorite tools.


Thanks for sharing this Greg, I did a little research on YouTube and found this demo by a jazz guitarist which helped me understand how it works:

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Interesting but wow 300 euros thats pretty expensive .

Digitech trio is about same with bass line too and half the price … but not same quality sound and versatility… but for having fun practicing could be another option.

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wow… seen this vid again! such a good find. Thanks so much for sharing Hayden. Love it! :blush:

:star_struck: Great thread! @greg2

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Thinking about this research of drums comping, maybe some of you dont know but there are now great VST drums AddictiveDrums2 very versatile , BFD3 drums and EZdrummer2, superior drummer are some of the most famous . Nowaday there are free vst drums too MTpower drummer but not much jazz
and of course Band in a box who can do even much more …