Be kind to your digits!


When your thumb tries to gently tell you something…but you do NOT listen!
Now we will see how creative I can be with only the root or 3rd or 7th in the left hand… till it’s a happy tendinitis free hand.

Likewise, both my thumbs are painful at times and due to tendinitis and have good days and bad days…darn annoying and painful at times…agree I try to less stretching - especially in the left hand with stretching 10ths sometimes or practising my Kenny Baron technique

Hi Paul, have you tried acupuncture, it might help ? Cheers

Yes acupuncture and massage are beneficial
I also use this stretch8ng exercise as prevention.

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Ouch! :tired_face:

I hope you make a swift recovery Lori.

A little unrelated… but I accidentally cut my right index finger with a razor a few years back and I couldn’t play with my right hand for weeks.

I spent the time drilling left hand voicings and also left hand open 251s with 10th intervals (in the keys I can reach! :grin: )

It turned out to be a very productive few weeks.

Isolating just the 3rds and 7ths through a jazz standard is good exercise, and can also a very challenging one… It gets you visualising the important stuff!

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Hi Natasha

Yes, acupuncture helped along with a few physio and chiropractic sessions. I also found that playing scales funny enough helped to build up the muscle are around the base of the thumb joint that has helped a lot and has become my starting practice each session. I’m also double jointed in my fingers and thumbs which helps with the stretching of 10ths etc. Just wear and tear over the years as well I expect from playing - notwithstanding computer keyboard use,