Arranging & Reharmonising Jazz Standards w/ Hayden

Totally outstanding session on Reharmonizing Jazz Standards!!! I will be revisiting this one many times. Can’t wait for the follow-up. Thank you Hayden!

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Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I thought it would be nice to create a dedicated thread for seminars on the topic of “Arranging & Reharmonisation”.

I will be doing more of these and since they follow a common theme it makes sense to collate them all in this thread with the seminar pages, related lessons links, and downloads.

Seminar 1 - Arranging & Memorising Jazz Standards

Arranging Jazz Standards Seminar
In this live seminar we explore best practices when working from lead sheets and we discuss the best way to learn and memorise tunes.

Topics covered:

  • Learning Jazz Standards
  • Memorising Tunes
  • Memorising Voicings
  • Walk Through of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”


Related Lessons:

Seminar 2 - Reharmonising Jazz Standards:

Reharmonising Jazz Standards Seminar
In this live seminar we dive deeper into the art of arranging jazz standards and cover some simple but effective chord reharmonisations and substitutions.

Topics covered:

  • Tritone Substitution
  • Passing Chords
  • Suspended Chords
  • Substitute Dominant Chords
  • Creating Intros & Endings
  • 1625, 36251, & 1436251 Progressions


Related Lessons:


Thanks Celia - glad you enjoyed the session today!

I have archived the seminar and added chapters and slow down controls:

I also added an extra 20 minutes to the seminar on the tune “Moon River” - see the final chapter. We must cover that tune in an upcoming jazz standard tutorial… such a beautiful ballad! :sunglasses:

I will upload my annotated lead sheets in the morning.


Likewise Hayden

Fantastic session. So much information and a great approach along with references to lessons and theory. Will set the standard in learning which can be helpful in applying to other standards. So many options to consider and love the concept of using the lead sheet as a reference tool. Looking forward to the next session. :unamused:

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This is brilliant, Hayden. Thanks! :musical_keyboard:

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Cheers Scott.

Let me know if you have any ideas for tunes to cover for these sessions.

The X-mas songs are always fun to arrange so perhaps we can cover another X-mas tune in the next session.

I love this concept! I can’t wait for future sessions. :grinning:

this is amazing… Brilliant! I love re-watching these live seminars… :star_struck:

Wish to also ask Hayden, where do we find the schedule for the upcoming ones :heart_eyes:
Thanks very much!

Hey Kristeta,

Currently the live seminars are taking place every Wednesday. Some weeks we have more than 1 seminar such as this week where we have Jovino on Wednesday and myself on Friday, see those events here:

Wednesday 11th - “The Rhythm section” with Jovino

Friday 13th - “251s & Jazz Standards” with myself:

Lyndol will be joining us next week with her first vocal-inspired live seminar - more to be announced on this shortly.

I think a schedule is a great idea! Once we have all of the teachers set up and comfortable with the process I will create a calendar with all of the upcoming events listed :sunglasses:

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Yipeeee! that is AWESOME :star_struck: Thanks very much for the update and great info- Hayden! All noted! Then Lyndol joining next week for her first vocal-inspired live seminar is going to be really exciting :heart_eyes:

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Hey everyone,

In today’s live seminar, we will be exploring the tune “The Nearness Of You” and I’ll also be answering student questions.

Tune into the seminar here:

If you can’t make the session don’t worry, the full recording will be available in the seminar archives immediately after the session.

Hope to see you there!