App to build a collection of music theory

I created a database of scales and chords
Im still working on
I would like some feedback and maybe a donation to improve the content
I used app named Collections
Here are the files to import to the app
The database is open and is possible to create new collections.
The app is free and the pro version is available.

Best Regards

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Hey Ricardo :wave:

Perhaps you can provide a link to the “Collections” app on the App Store and share some screenshots of your chord database.

Also please upload files in an uncompressed format (ie. not .zip files) so that there is more clarity into what is being shared.


The link to the app

I used to create the collections

chord and scales.csv (2.3 KB)
modern chord voicing.csv (508 Bytes)
rootless voicing.csv (322 Bytes)
scale modes.csv (1021 Bytes)
scales.csv (1.9 KB)
upper struc triads.csv (432 Bytes)

Import these files in the app
There is an option to import collections
Please review and give some feedback

Best Regards

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Hi I would love to review the app, if it is downloadable and virus free (!) can you send a link?

I used the app to build the database or collections

I didn’t develop the app but I found it very useful to
Build a collection of chords and scales modern jazz chords
The database can be expanded or new collections can be added
Be careful about copyright

I would like to find people that can make a donation to improve the content

Beat Regards