Anytune Pro App

Just curious…Do you use the anytune pro app to play along with songs?

I haven’t used this before Dave, but I’ll check it out. I’ve always used iRealPro to play along with tunes in-tempo.

Perhaps we can post the anytune pro app in the Software section and maybe some of our other students have experience using it:

I’ll check out the app later today and let you know my thoughts on it.

I love it. Very user friendly. Can speed up or slow down and change keys… play F on piano and still play along with Norah Jones in C.
I think for your transcription it would be helpful also
The reason I was curious is that the tempo of some arrangements and the reharmonization and key modulations is a whole new level of complication. I don’t know where to start with that way of understanding and playing

I’ve just downloaded it to see what it’s like. I’m not very tech savvy though. It looks like you have to buy the songs from the App Store. You can’t take them off your iTunes downloads. It this correct?
Welcome to the community Dave!

Yes. If you have trouble. Let me know. Or go to YouTube and ask how to so whatever how to ask to add songs

I said that wrong. You can take songs from your iTunes. You can access other sources as well but I always just get songs off
of I tunes

Thanks David I will spend some time looking at it. I suppose it’s better to buy the full version.

Just looking into this Dave.

There’s a lot of features to take in from the video below.

I like the “Audiomarks” feature to save and label specific parts of the recording. That would be handy for transcription.


It’s a very versatile app. I have arranged playlists of what I’m working on I play along with it. Sometimes I change the key but that alters the voice… but it’s great practice and I start to get the feel of the song. A feature is that you can “share” a song with e mail. So you don’t have to buy every song. As I get into transcription, hopefully it will help. I’d like to know what else you can import and how it’s done. I hate taking time to fiddle with technology.

Also, I took the nearness of you that I play in f and wrote the song out numerically… I can play along with the recording in C as you said. I think that is a huge leap to free up improvisation and move away from memorization. Thanks.

Welcome David. I have AnyTunes installed but haven’t really gotten into it yet. I was thinking it would be great for transcription. Never thought of the playlist use you describe. Sounds interesting. I may have some questions for you later. Enjoy your time on PianoGroove! It’s a friendly place where you can learn a little or a lot, depending on what you want.

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Something for those of you with Apple Music. Maybe you, @david3 .

Here’s an app that basically does what Transcribe and Anytune Pro do. The difference is that it works with streaming music–as in, you don’t have to buy it/download it to work with the slow down learning. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet. You do need a subscription to Apple Music. Doesn’t work with other music services.