When I press the ADD CALENDAR button to add a live session date/time to my Apple calendar, nothing happens. The button lights up, but my calendar doesn’t launch. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Kirk,

Please can you try clicking the Apple icon here:

“Moon River” Jazz Standard - Friday, 27th August @ 12pm EST

Add this seminar to your calendar:

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This is for my live seminar next Friday on the tune “Moon River”.

When you click the button it should download a file, and when you open that file it prompts you to add the seminar to your Apple calendar.

Let me know if that works and I am currently investigating the issue on the live seminar page with the “Add To Calendar” button.

Yes, that works fine when I click on the Apple icon.

Hi Kirk :wave:t2:

This is fixed on the seminar pages now too, see video here:

and you can try here:

Thanks for letting me know about this.

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