A useful reference site

FWIW: You might find https://www.musictheory.net/ a useful, free reference tool.

Under “Lessons,” there is a look at theory. The “Tools” section has a number of really helpful calculators for such things as scales, chords, and analysis of chord qualities. Play around with it to see how you can, for example, show scales with the accidentals indicated or with a key signature and just the notes; treble clef or bass clef; and the notes on a keyboard.

There’s an “Exercise” section with ways to test your understanding of a variety of topics.

It’s pretty thorough, and there’s a lot of other stuff available. If you’re using an Apple device, for about $7.00, you can have all of this offline in two apps: Theory and Tenuto.

Have fun. :musical_keyboard:


love this site! :heart_eyes:
Great share! Scott - Thank you!

Thank you for sharing a reference site. It is very useful.