A Thank You To Our Top Contributors 🥇

We want to recognise the members who consistently make helpful contributions to this forum so we have created a ‘Top Contributor’ title. The first contributors to receive this title are:

The “Top Contributor” title is now appended to your usernames.

Each of you has contributed to the PianoGroove community in unique way such as guiding and helping new students, sharing records and performances, posting events and practice schedules, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and giving feedback and suggestions on website features.

I have also created a @Top_Contributor group so we can easily call on one another with ideas, suggestions, questions, or anything to discuss.

A huge thank you to all on the list - your willingness to participate and share your experience is massively valued. :sunglasses:


Well done to everyone on the list :grinning: Hope to join you in the future!


Yaaayy ! :sunglasses:

Edit: Im the kind of student who have always a ton of questions, (i try to find an answer by myself before asking of course) but sometimes i don’t know if i should post or not my questions because there is really a lots of them so i don’t know if im kind of disturbing anyone here :weary:
Im just so curious and i want to learn eveything that i can, also the world of jazz and music in general is so huge that im so motivated :star_struck: . Thanks @Hayden and Pianogroove team for having me here :pray:

It’s a pleasure to have you here Guillaume :grinning:

You can always ask any questions and we are here to assist you.

One of the reasons I set up the forum was because I was receiving many of the same questions via email and so I thought it would be nice to have a centralised place where these common questions and answers can be accessed by anyone, at any time.

It’s amazing for me to see how the forum has grown and evolved to encompass so much more than just questions.

One of the most important aspects of learning jazz is listening and transcribing. For any new student of jazz I think it’s invaluable to have such a diverse range of music they can find here in the forum for inspiration. Also the guidance, advice, and exercises to get started with transcription is invaluable. I wish I had something similar when I was starting out with jazz! :grin:

So to reiterate… thanks to everyone for their participation; not just our top contributors. I think we have created something very special here to demystify the art of jazz piano and make it accessible to students around the world. :earth_americas: :musical_keyboard:

Thanks for including me on your list. It’s a nice motivation. I was afraid that I was boring folks by posting too often. (By the way, the link is @scott1. :wink:)

My mistake Scott… good spot and I have fixed it :+1:

Not at all… your posts and backgrounds of the artist are really great. I always enjoy reading and listening to them. Cheers!

Wow, Hayden, thanks so much! :astonished: I feel honored to be considered a contributor to the awesome community established by the PianoGroove team. I’ve said it before, but you all really do such a top notch job with every aspect of the site.

This little honor is especially appreciated in light of the fact that I’m going to be unable to practice piano for the next 3 weeks while I’m away in Spain :sob: I’ll be on the PianoGroove forums daily just trying to stay in the zone while I can’t actually practice. Luckily I’ve got some good albums I’ll be listening to on my trip: Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters, Charlie Parker With Strings, Miles Davis’ Milestones… I’ll be sure to drop some tracks in the listening topic :wink:


I found it very helpful to watch several video lessons each day. Some lessons I would watch multiple times. Since we were away for the month. The mind learns first and is then able to direct the hands what to play. It was extremely helpful with rootless chords.
Dr. Dean

Hey Dr Dean :wave:

Take a look over our new Altered Harmony Practice Series:

That is the next course for you after the Rootless Voicings course.

I think it would be nice for you to study both together. The concepts are interrelated and complement each other.

I still have the final 2 practice slots to record, but as you say it’s nice to watch them first and expose the mind to the theory. I’ll get the full practice series finished asap :grinning:

Enjoy and talk soon!

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