A possible source of supplemental material

This is not an ad. I’m not trying to hawk this service.

Just a note to any of you who are great readers, as in you always have a book going. There’s a subscription service called Scribd ( https://www.scribd.com/). It works like Amazon Unlimited or other reading services with an US$8.95 per month subscription that gives you unlimited access to a whole world of books. If you buy one ebook on Amazon or elsewhere per month, it will probably run you more than that.

What I discovered is that it also gives you access to a large number of music books/workbooks/pdfs—music theory, scales, lead sheets, transcriptions, styles, technique, Hanson and Czerny exercises, improvisation, etc. Some are very good, some not so much. However, if you’re there anyway, everything is available to read online and/or download to your device to use offline. Pick and choose for the same price.

I’ve found some useful stuff to supplement the great lessons we get here. It’s free to look around. Just thought I’d share.

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Nice to idea to share this Scott.

I have used Scribd in the past and I agree that their library is expansive.

I like their ‘all you can eat’ pricing model too!