A bluesy Bossa Nova?

I’ve been enjoying working through Hayden’s slow blues course. It’s really well thought out and presented. I think anyone with an interest who’s willing to put in the practice time will come out sounding like a pro–or at least a well-versed hobbyist. :sunglasses:

Those who know me, or at least read what I post here, know that my primary interest lies in Brazilian piano and its rhythms. So when I came across this version of Jobim’s “Dindi,” I felt I needed to share. It’s the only version of a bossa nova tune that I’ve found to date that incorporates so much blues vocabulary.

I have no idea when this was recorded. It appeared on YouTube 14 years ago. The vocalist is Joyce Moreno and the pianist, Luis Carlos Vinhas.

Luis Carlos Vinhas (1940-2001)

. . . was one of the great exponents of bossa nova. . . . He worked as a pianist at Beco das Garrafas , as well as appearing on albums by Elis Regina , Quarteto em Cy , Jorge Ben Jor , Maria Bethânia , among others. He also formed one of the first musical groups of this period, Bossa Três , which, in 1966 , with Leny Andrade and Pery Ribeiro on vocals, was renamed Gemini V.

Here’s “Dindi.” I’ve also included a link to the album Novas Estructuras (1964) for those who might want to hear a bit more of his style. It’s about 35 minutes that are well worth the time. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: