Where to go from here for a beginner?

Finally recorded “Darn that dream” worked on it for several months- on and off- most difficult piece for me so far so I’m pretty happy with it. Also “When sunny gets blue” Very nice job on the transcription it’s fun to play, excellent beginner piece. Couple things on this one I would like to change but just revised my expectations.

They are above on my playlist if interested in a listen.

Thanks again for all your efforts and inspiration, your providing an amazing value here on PianoGroove.


Wow listening to it again Ben - so beautifully played - and I think I would like to try/start learning this piece tonight - I can’t make it wait any longer haha :grin: :heart_eyes: Thanks so much for sharing again - headed to Hayden’s lesson now …

a follow up question :blush: (to all jazz players/ learners)

  • also curious, for each song you all learn and study, do you all memorize each one of them? Do you have any tips as to how to be able to memorize it quicker?

A jazz pianist friend has given one tip - which was to memorize in parts if it’s for example in AABA form - do you do the same? would appreciate it if you can share your experience! Thanks very much in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

had to add… sorry for the additional questions :grin:
apart from listening to as many versions or recordings…

  1. Do some or all of you - find yourself singing the jazz/blues song (whether aloud or in your head) you are learning to play?
  2. Do you learn it because you like it? or for another reason?
  3. how frequently do you play one piece (in estimation) before you are able to memorize it?


I do memorize all of my songs. For me, it helps to internalize the song. I only work on songs that I enjoy. I have memorized a couple that I later dropped because they did not give me pleasure.

Knowing the form helps tremendously in memorizing a song. With an AABA form, you have already memorized 3/4 of the song once you learn the first A section even though you will play each section differently. I go section by section and may only play the first part A for several days or longer. I do not rush myself.

I have a terrible voice, but I do silently sing the words or hum. This helps me in two ways. First, it is like an internal metronome as I mainly play ballads. Second, knowing the words can help with emotion. In other words, in order to express the emotion, there may be places that I wish to pull or tug on a chord or play it extra softly etc.

It is difficult to say how long it takes to memorize a song as some are easier than others. I will say that each new song you memorize becomes easier as you recognize the progressions and familiar patterns of the various chords. By memorizing, you are able to SEE those patterns as you play really helps me. ( Edit to original post: Often, I will also silently sing the chord name as I am playing it. That really helps to ingrain the progressions in my mind.)

At any rate, I am personally a fan of memorizing, but everyone is different. The most important thing is to have fun and do what works for you to accomplish that goal!


Yay. :blush: Thanks very much, Celia. These are great tips, really good points there! I love it! esp, what you said about the form, humming the chords, and knowing the lyrics …

btw, Tuomo’s ear training exercises also do help me a ton - esp on recognising the chord sound, harmonies -

another friend has suggested (the way they would practice was using a click on 2 and 4 (only) - will help with the groove too - I’ve tried this recently and liking it and finding it useful … :heavy_heart_exclamation: Take care.

My approach is similar to Celia’s. In addition, I was very inspired by Lyndol’s courses to sing as part of the tune-learning process. Her approach to learning tunes really enriched my process. Even if you’re not interested in being a singer, I encourage you to check out her approach. https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/body-soul-piano-accompaniment/

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Thanks very much! @keynut :heart_eyes: agree with you!
am highly impressed with Lyndols lessons. Great share of lesson link - will definitely watch this. It helps a lot when we can sing the jazz chords :blush: or melody etc.

Lyndol also has a super fun lesson on circle of 5ths too when I last watched one of her lessons. … and I was working on it - at the time, would love to finish doing that fun exercise… and record it.