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Unable to upload to YouTube on iOS 12. Help. When I select upload from the camera the YouTube app is no longer available on this version of iOS 12.
Dr. Dean

Hey Dr Dean :wave:

Here is a demonstration of how to upload using an iPhone on iOS 12… I imagine the process will be very much similar when using an iPad:

This issue seems to be specific to iOS 12, and according to the video above, the ‘workaround’ is to open the YouTube App directly and upload from the app using the camera icon at the top.

The video also says that when opening the YouTube app for the first time, you will be prompted to log into your YouTube Account, and also be prompted to give YouTube access to your Camera Roll.

After those steps have been completed, if you click the camera icon at the top of the app, you should then be able to select from your videos and you can also ‘trim’ the video if needed.

Let me know if that works for you Dr Dean, and I’m here to assist further if needed.

ps. the black formal attire is looking great :ok_hand: :grinning:

The video is on utube, how do I send it to you?
Dr. Dean

Nice job Dr Dean.

Just copy and paste the YouTube Video URL into the the forum post like this:

I also outlined how to get the YouTube URL here:

Here’s my interpretation of Misty:


That’s a fantastic rendition Dr Dean.

Your 1-6-2-5 introduction is beautiful and sets a lovely tone for the rest of the tune. Really great job.

One of our students once commented here in the forum that he is a pilot by trade, and he highlighted the similarity of flying a plane full of passengers, to playing a jazz standard in front of an audience…

He said that the parts of the journey that the passengers remember are the take off, and the landing.

He then said the same is true when playing music, the audience will remember a lovely introduction to ease them into the main melody, and also a nice ending to fade out from the performance.

I’ve always thought this is a wonderful analogy, and it has stuck with me since.

The ‘takeoff’ and the ‘landing’ of your interpretation are both very tastefully and elegantly played… so congratulations!

And in terms of setting and attire, your video gets first place :1st_place_medal: … I better up my game with my next performances :grin:

Thanks for sharing Dr Dean, it was a joy to listen to and to watch.

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Yeah you succeed Dr Dean ! Bravo

Nice and smart presentation ! Our other Doctor will enjoy it too i’m sure !


Bravo @dr1

You sure have raised the bar with this piece. Loving the Tails and black formal attire, it suits the elegant composition and setting perfectly. Walking into the shot and a nice intro to the piece compliments the sophisticated feel and the smooth, relaxed pace to the main performance tops it off nicely.

I like your style Dr. Dean :slight_smile:

Love it :+1:

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Nice! Rich full sound, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you! I’ve played 3-4 hrs each day for the past 2 weeks on extended chords and voicing. Then using extended chords 2 5 1,s etc. with the lead music sheet. It took quite some time to think through this arrangement. Learning chords with numerical scale degrees instead of named notes was totally foreign to me. This is getting somewhat easier now but I have a long journey ahead. Knowing the circle of 4/5th has been extremely helpful. Your explanation of extended chords is flawless. I am diligently working on the chord practice drills. Yes I count out loud each note andI am amazed how helpful this is! Now off to more lessons and a new song to arrange.
Thanks to pianogroove
Dr. Dean

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Thank you ! I had fun filming this video. iPad Pro and also filmed a 2nd video with Nikon 3300 with Zoom H4n stereo recorder which is patched into the camera microphone port. This records in stereo directly on the HD video to SD memory card . I can then store it on computer and play it on TV in HD stereo through the Bose Stero system. The sound quality is excellent.
Dr. Dean

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Thank you. Your video performance inspired me to video also.
Dr. Dean

Bravo! Excellent. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Thank you for your nice comments.
Dr. Dean

Thank you Celia. Your kind comments are inspirational.
Dr. Dean

Well done Doc!

I guess if I ever show up wearing shorts and a tshirt with a Pabst Blue Ribbon sitting on the keyboard, it won’t have the same effect. :sunglasses:

But really, thanks for sharing.


Thank you Scott,
Pabst was the beer of Choice in my younger years. You should ware whatever makes you comfortable at the piano as it is there for your enjoyment . I would love to have a Pabst Blue Ribbon tee. I also play my piano in shorts and a tee shirt.
Dr. Dean

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After my recording in dressing gown … that was contrasting :joy: