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Very light and expressive touch. I certainly recognized our lesson / arrangement, but I hear some personal touches. Makes me want to re-visit that song, I forgot about it. Thanks for being brave and sharing.

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Thank You Hayden for sharing this lovely tune. This one has a Brazillian twist on it.


Yes beautifully played by Luciano!

It’s wonderful to hear those extra embellishments that really bring the arrangement to life!

That’s awesome Adam… I like how you capture the subtle nuances of Latin soloing.

An interesting tune to play with a latin feel too!

Your recording makes me want to experiment with a bossa feel of Misty … that will have to wait until tomorrow :smile:

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Thank you kind sir. I was trying to let the beat dictate where the notes fell. My attempt at playing the same song I play ALL the time a different way. I really do love your website. Thanks again. . .

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That’s precisely what I love about jazz… there’s so much freedom for interpretation and expression!

And glad you’re enjoying the site.

Yesterday I recorded a tutorial on the ballad “SkyLark”, here’s the arrangement:

I recorded this lesson in front of Tuomo - our latest teacher - and he is excited to get started on his own jazz standard lessons for PianoGroove.

His course on “Advanced Improv Concepts” has been recorded and we’re finalising the editing stage… more to be announced shortly.


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That ending was bananas. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, Hayden and folks

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is the special time of year.
It’s also a time to enjoy Christmas songs. So, I picked ‘Blue Christmas’ for myself.
A beautiful tune. I wish that everybody in this community will have a wonderful
holiday !

Here is the transcripton with chord analysis. Thank you.


Beautiful recording @toshihiro859997 - thanks for sharing this.

We have some new Christmas songs in the pipeline… I will share my own recording/performances here too.

Our vocal expert Lyndol is also making some ‘sing-a-long’ Christmas tutorials which can be performed solo, or with friends and family.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas too Toshihiro :santa:


ps. you transcriptions do not seem to be appearing. Not sure what has happened.

We can either drag and drop .jpg files into this window, or alternatively. we can upload as a PDF using this icon:

very nice. thank you for sharing this with us and inspiring us!

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So very nice!!! Thanks for sharing. I love that song! You did a great job!

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I’ve just been listening again Toshihiro - I really like your use of grace notes and chromaticism… it’s very tastefully played and captures that cool jazz/cocktail style beautifully :clap:


Thank you for watching my performace.

I have successfuly dragged the 2-page transcription over to the window.

Will you tell me how I can access to those new Christmas songs ?

Thank you.

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I am very happy that you like my arrangement, Lori. Thank you.

My pleasure, Celia. Yes, it’s a great tune sung by Elvis Presley. Thank you.


Thank you for watching my video again. I am very glad that you like my performance.

As you recommend it to us in Sean Dokko’s topic, the left-hand rootless voicing really frees up my right hand. That makes it easier to play some nice melody lines with right hand. I think I like playing in this style. So, I’ll keep working on this and develop it.

Yes, I think I am good at tweaking the melody with those grace notes and chromaticism, which will help make it sound Jazzy.

I wish that you will have a happy holidy, too !

Yeah great to hear student recording ! Thanks for sharing

Nice touch :sunglasses:

PS Your playing is much better :+1: than the backtrack comping a bit heavy to my ears .

They will be available in 1-2 weeks.

Lyndol has already recorded 2 or 3 vocal Christmas songs, and I need to choose some more for solo piano. I will get them done this week and notify you as soon as they are ready. I will make a recording of myself performing them too.

Yes that is exactly why rootless voicings are so useful. The movement is so slight between the fingers, that it’s easy to commit it to muscle memory and apply all of your energy and focus to right hand improvisation.

I’m really happy to hear you have discovered, understood, and applied these voicings Toshihiro… great job!

Yes very tastefully applied. One of the limitations of the piano is that we cannot get ‘in between’ notes, or pitches.

Unlike horn players for example who can play half way in between pitches.

The thing that we can do as piano players is grace note, and slide in between to get that kind of effect… you do that beautifully and the sound is fantastic… congrats :1st_place_medal: :grinning: