Personal Piano Practice Toolkit

Hello PianoGroove Community,

This will be my personal treat of my piano practice toolkit and cheat sheets I am creating for myself to share with anyone who might think it will be useful for themselfs.

The first one is a transposing tool which I created as I needed it for transposing a song in a different key which sounded much better for me after transposing it.

If you like what you see, please like or comment, if you come across a mistake I made, please let me know, otherwise use it for your own purpose and have fun with your piano practice.


Hello everyone,

I thought I am publishing a second tool I created months ago and updated today which might support someone in this community. It is an overview of “Major Scales and Diatonic 7th Chords around the Circle of 5th”.

If someone preferes to have a pdf document, just let me know. Happy practicing!


Thanks for sharing these cheat sheets @Prisca - they look fantastic :+1:

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I agree. These should prove useful. Thanks for sharing. :musical_keyboard:

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Hi again,

This time I would like to share an idea I created for myself to be more motivated and focused on my piano practice - A monthly piano practice overview created as a motivating image. What are your thoughts?


this is awesome! Thanks for sharing Prisca ! and
a belated Happy Christmas to everyone :heart_eyes:

I like your practice plan idea! I’ve copied it for future reference. I especially like your improv section. Do you have the partituras for the tunes in your “Repertoire” section? I’d love to get a copy of them or a place where I can find/purchase them.

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This looks awesome Prisca - definitely the most colourful practice plan I have ever seen!

It’s great how you have broken down the 90 minutes into very clear sections to keep your practice sessions focused and on track.

It could be nice to add something progression-based into your plan. Perhaps some of the 251 exercises we cover here and perhaps you could add a Brazilian rhythmic element to the exercise if that is the focus for the month.

Finally, I love the idea of selecting repertoire to focus on each month.

Another idea could be to set a ‘song of the month’ here in the forum and we can all study recordings and then share our ideas at the end of the month on arranging the tune, reharmonising, improvising, adding fills/intros/endings etc…

If anyone else has ideas here we should discuss further.

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Hi @scott1

Thank you for your feedback and nice you like it. Unfortunately, there are no “partituras” in print so far as I could find out. I take the latin licks out of some audio recrodings I find on youtube and I am just at the beginning to write them down in MusicScore for future reference.

For the study of montunos I recommend you the book “101 Montunos” of Rebeca Mauléon-Santana. It is really a deep dive into that topic. For the repertoire I use the note sheets from “The Latin Real Book” and try out different kind of chord variations until it sounds like I want it to be sounded.

Hi @Hayden

Thank you. Yes, I need a lot of colour in these unprecedentes time we are all facing to.
As I mentioned in my introduction I really have difficulties to stay focused and with this colourful practice plan which I am planning to create for each month it is a good try.

I like your suggestion having also a focus for the month on the 251 excercises and Brazilian rhythmic element.

And yes, we should discuss your idea having a song for the month to study on. I think it will be difficult to choose which one to focus on as I assume not all members of this community have the same taste of music? Perhaps we might have 3 songs of the month of 3 different styles such as Blues, Standard Jazz, Brazilian and/or Latin Jazz in reference to the pianogroove lessons? or you might think of brining in a voting poll at the end of the month where community members are able to vote for the song of the next month to study on?

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I think that’s a fantastic idea Prisca, I will create something ahead of the new year so that we can try this out in January.

A monthly exercise like this would fit nicely in our Practice Inspiration section.


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