Lost on the community postings

It’s probably me, but whenever I try to find something on the Community postings, I feel like I’m going down the rabbit hole. For example: yesterday I decided I needed more discipline and structure in my practice, and I found an entry from Hayden that included downloads for beginner, intermediate and advanced theory exercises. I downloaded them and planned to come back to look at the links he has to lessons. Darned if I can find that post. Instead I get distracted by posts and responses. Any ideas of where it was I found these theory exercises and how I can find my way through the thicket?

Hey Wendy

Your not alone i have same issues with those lessons … Hayden is on the way to change a lot , and some nice improvement will come in …

You are looking for those plans right ?

choose the plan and go to the top of the page and you will have all the links to the lessons

Hope it helps .

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Hey @wendy :wave:

I’ve made a short video for you here explaining the forum bookmarking feature. This is useful for collating a list of posts we find useful in the forum so that we can quickly access them all in one place.

As mentioned in the video I will incorporate this into the emails that new students receive as I totally agree; it’s a very easily-overlooked feature of the forum.

Check out the video and hopefully that will help you moving forwards:

And thank you @Pierrot for posting the PDF Practice Plan link.

By the sounds of it that’s what you were looking for @Wendy. Let me know if not and we will track down the thread you are looking for :smiley:


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Thank you Pierrot; that was exactly what I was looking for.

Wow! A video just for me. Thank you.
Pierrot was right; that was what I was looking for. I’ve now bookmarked it and was able to see that I’d previous bookmarked this, but I forgot about that. So-o-o much to learn. And time is running out.
All of this should keep me out of trouble.

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Thanks! I was not aware of that feature :grin:

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